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Drawing will take place on Monday September 25th LIVE on Facebook at 7PM. 

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Do you struggle with motivation and feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with your health and fitness objectives?

the Vibe Fitness Training Facility is giving away a spot in the last 6 week fitranx level up challenge being held in 2017.

This is a 6-week challenge where you will receive help from our fitness coaches to jump start your fitness training before the busy holiday season arrives.

So if you want a chance to join this challenge for FREE, just submit your information in one of the forms on this page and you'll be added to our list.

On Monday September 25th at 7pm, we'll be going LIVE on Facebook (Vibe Fitness SoCal) to draw the lucky winner.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get in on our last fitness challenge of 2017 for FREE enter above or below!! 


what does the 6 week level up Challenge consist of?

  • effective and fun Group Workouts Designed For Your Own Pace

  • provides structure, accountability, and personal coaching

  • workouts are based on a strength and conditioning program. 

  • Built off An dynamic culture of Supporters Designed To Help You Succeed.

  • meant to help you build consistency in your health and fitness training

  • Preparation to take the FitRanX Level One test.  


we are located 521 w. rialto avenue


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Best Phone #

VIBE Fitness Training facility

Our fitness training facility was built with YOU in mind. No judgment, just hard work and results!!!

I'll help you along the way.

Hello there, just wanted to drop in to introduce myself. my name is gino Garcia, I'm the owner and one of the coaches at vibe. I'm really excited for this challenge for two reasons, one because it's the last big challenge being held at vibe in 2017 and two because it's when I get to connect with new people who get to experience training at vibe. 

if you are just beginning your health and fitness journey, I understand how intimidating and scary it can feel. I've been in many similar situations when seeking to better myself. just know that you are headed in the right direction towards bettering your health, mind, and body. you expressing interest in this challenge means you are looking for help to either improve or get to the next level. we can help you!

Take the first step today and see if you are going to get your FREE spot in this Challenge!!!

you are going to love the 6 week challenge we have planned to end 2017.

and don't worry if you are just beginning, coach sam and I will help you through the process of getting stronger and improving your conditioning. You will head in 2018 feeling inspired, energetic, and focused. 

i look forward to helping you make positive change in your health and fitness.

Good Luck!

Gino Garcia, owner & coach

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