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FitRanX Summertime Youth Fitness Program


FitRanX Summertime Youth Fitness Program

here are some details about our 6 week fitranx youth fitness program......

the 6 week program is meant to keep kids engaged by preparing them for their fitranx level 1 fitness test at the end of 6 weeks!

is this program suitable for youth that have never exercised?

yes, the curriculum implemented for the 6 week program was created based on standards meant for youth participating within the age ranges specified for this program. the intent of this 6 week program is to promote a fun, active, and healthy lifestyle for youth that will educate them on the importance of physical activity, teamwork, respect for one another, and hard work. 

In addition, parents will be required to complete a basic health assessment for their kid(s) to ensure the coaches are made aware of any past or current medical issues. you can rest assure that safety is our top concern! 

do i have to wait during class?

no, while training is being conducted parents can drop off their kid(s) as long as they are picked up from training on time. likewise, parents are more than welcomed to stay and observe the daily training session.

the one day we request all parents to be present is during testing day (Friday July 15th) to support and encourage participants taking their fitranx level 1 fitness test.



ages: 7-15

days: Monday-Wednesday-Friday

dates: June 6th - July 15th

time: 9:45AM - 10:45AM

locations: VIBE Studio & flores park in rialto

what is the registration amount?

registration per kid is $167

more than one kid(siblings) is $147 each

* split payment is available upon request which half is due upon completing the registration process