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VIBE Life Challenge

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What is the VIBE Life Fitness Challenge?

The VIBE Life Fitness Challenge is an all-in-one program suitable for all ability levels and is meant to kick start your health and help you begin the process of developing a healthy lifestyle  in 28 days.

It’s open to men and women in the Rialto area who are ready to work hard, commit, and begin the process of transforming their mind, body, health, and fitness through a structured fitness program.

Our approach is simple, yet comprehensive, and includes everything you need to get started and stay on track:

  • 4 weeks of training at the Vibe Fitness training facility.

  • basic and simple Nutritional guidance.

  • InBody analysis (Nutrishop North Fontana)

  • Weekly bonus opportunities to earn points towards the challenge.

  • access to the VLC Facebook group.

  • Opportunity to win prizes each week.

The VIBE Life Fitness Challenge starts on Monday JUNE 18th at the Vibe Fitness training facility in Rialto. 


What the VIBE Life Fitness Challenge is not!

The VIBE Life Fitness Challenge is NOT a weight loss focused challenge where your success is determined based on the scale.

Now, although past participants of the VIBE Life Challenge did experience reduced numbers in both body measurements and the scale, those were not the primary factors that determined the overall challenge winner.

With that, here are some factors to consider to determine if the VIBE Life Challenge is for you.

The VIBE Life Challenge is NOT for you if you:

  • Are not ready to make a full commit to changing yourself.

  • Feel the weight scale is the ONLY factor in determining your success.

  • Are not coach-able and ready to get help from a professional coach.

  • Think crazy-intense workouts are required in order to get results.

  • Think healthy nutrition is depriving yourself of food and drinking nothing but special shakes and juices.

  • You are not looking for a lifestyle change.




This is not a weight loss challenge. Rather, our goal is to help you build healthy habits in training, nutrition, and lifestyle.

You’ll track your performance by earning points (on this Tracking Sheet) and submit it at the end of each training week. The participant with the most points at the end of each week (and challenge) will win a prize.

You’ll also get access to our Facebook group, where we’ll share resources, answer questions, and post bonus opportunities.

This structure is fun, simple, and works for ALL fitness levels!

This means the challenge is based on YOUR level of commitment to implementing healthy habits, NOT just on your physical performance ability.


Training Objective

Attend training 3 times per week (minimum)

You’ll complete your training sessions at Vibe Fitness in Rialto.

Our program uses a wide range of functional movements to help you build strength, boost your metabolism, and improve your mobility. We’ll explain each workout and guide you through every exercise.

You will not be asked or required to perform and exercises you are not ready for. Our program is meant to be progressive, meaning you'll train at your pace and be coached accordingly.

This is NOT a one size fits all program, it's our job to ensure your a training safely and efficiently.


Nutrition Objective

Eat 3 “balanced meals” every day

Your goal is to eat three daily meals that include a lean protein + vegetable + healthy fat + water.

This approach is simple, easy to track, and highly effective. You’ll be amazed at the immediate improvements you’ll notice in your energy levels and satiety.


Detox Objective

Avoid nutritional toxins

You’ll attempt to avoid sugar, vegetable oil, and alcohol during this challenge. These ingredients can negatively impact your physical performance and often lead to unwanted weight gain.

By avoiding these toxins, you’ll give your body a chance to “reset” and make significant progress toward optimal physical function.


Lifestyle Objective

Build 1 healthy habit

You’ll focus on building one of these daily habits:

Meditate for 5 minutes

Stretch for 10 minutes

Read for 20 minutes

Walk for 20 minutes

Turn screens off by 9pm

This objective will enhance your rest and recovery.


Training Times and Location

Monday: 830am, 530pm, 615pm, 730pm

Tuesday: 515am, 830am, 615pm, 730pm

Wednesday: 515am, 830am, 530pm, 615pm, 730pm

Thursday: 830am, 530pm, 615pm, 730pm

Friday: 515am, 830am, 615pm

Saturday: 8am (on/off rotation)



hear it from actual vibe members!


Pep Salcedo

Highly recommend VF to all people looking to change to a healthier lifestyle. The team approach helps keep you coming back when your body is telling you not to get out of bed or to miss a training session. Above all, Gino's passion for fitness will keep you coming back for more and will help you get both physically and above all,  mentally stronger!

Men, don't be fooled by the common misconception that you need to left weights to get ripped. I've lost 18 lbs in 3 months and see a big change in my physic. I'm  back to playing basket ball and running the entire game with the young bucks.

Highly-highly recommend VF to all. Gino is awesome and will keep you motivated.

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Patty Garcia

When I made the choice to take control of my health and fitness is when the process of change began for me.

I use to struggle with my weight and never really understand what it meant of felt like to be strong and healthy. I started focusing on my workouts and making small but consistent changes in my daily nutrition and that's when I started to see results.

My journey has been filled with set backs, failure, and frustration but the difference now as compared to when I was living an unhealthy lifestyle is huge. I know that I have both the mental and physical strength to overcome any challenges that come my way.

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Jocelyn Salas

When you look back and realize how far you've come..... I'm not going to say that it has been easy, but I will say that it has been well worth it. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🖖🏼

My fitness journey began after I had my daughter 3 years ago. I joined VIBE hoping lose the "baby weight" really I just wanted to be skinny lol. Funny how my mindset has shifted to now wanting to be STRONG & HEALTHY. I've become disciplined and committed to the lifestyle. I enjoy the brutal workouts at VIBE 💪🏼 because it's also a form of therapy. It helps me physically, mentally and emotionally. 💦✨👌🏼

I owe this lifestyle change to my amazing, supportive, and encouraging coaches Sam Nava and Gino Garcia for always pushing me to do better.

Joining VIBE has been one of the best decisions that I've ever made. I encourage you to "Trust the Process." Whatever your fitness goals are, stay consistent and disciplined. You'll get there.

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Liz Soriano

I joined VIBE 2 years ago when my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. I knew that I did not want to become diabetic or have to take medication.

When I joined VIBE it was during a 6 week challenge and I didn’t really know what I wanted but knew I needed to be there.  Most days were a struggle for me and I wanted to give up so many times.  Driving home after my workouts and crying wondering can I really do this but I knew it was something I had to continue. 

I continued and completed training 4 to 5 times a week at VIBE, ate healthy, completed my first 5K run and Gladiator mud run. I felt good, had more energy and loved that my clothes started to fit better.  

I have dropped 69 pounds in 2 years since I started training at VIBE. I have tried so many diets and spent so much money over the years looking for a quick way to lose weight.  Always trying to do what others do because it works for them and thinking it will work for me.  Once I changed my mindset,  stopped trying to do what others do, was willing to put in the work and was patient…I was able to get RESULTS.  I now know and understand that there is no quick fix and having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated.


Joel Solidum

This fitness facility is everything I've been looking for! They keep the workouts different, which is fun for me, because I don't like sticking to just one routine.  

Their wide variety of equipment (sleds, battle ropes, tires, TRX, bar/dum/kettlbells, etc.) keeps you intrigued, whether you are looking to work on strength, speed, or endurance, they have it all here.  

The coaches are awesome and supportive, along with all the Vibe members. The FitRanx program keeps you motivated and you wanting to level up!  Overall, great facility!


Leslie Moore

"I started my fitness journey with Vibe Fitness in July 2014 as part of the 30 day trial. Today at 58 years young, I haven't looked back.

Trusting the process, 1% better every day and always give your 100%" are what resonates with me from Gino which has kept me committed and motivated.  Gino and Sam are great coaches and the camaraderie among the team is like no other.

My endurance, strength, energy and overall mindset are at its peak. We work hard, train hard and I literally have fallen in love with the process.  I wouldn't have thought I would be deadlifting #200+ pounds and running obstacle course races. 

If you are in for a healthy challenge then join our team you will not be disappointed.  Vibe Fitness will not only change your body but Vibe Fitness changes your attitude and mood!"

registration options to join the vibe life challenge

registration to join The VIBE Life Fitness Challenge closes on June 15! you can choose one of the following options below to join when you complete the registration process with our staff.

FYI....There are no hidden fees or high pressure sell tactics with us, what you see is what it is to join the vibe life challenge!

option 1:

1 registration payment of $197

Processed on or before JUNE 15th.

  • 4 weeks of training at the Vibe Fitness
  • InBody analysis
  • Opportunity to win prizes!
  • Challenge prep guide
  • Healthy recipe book
  • Daily tracking sheet
  • Nutritional resources
  • Facebook group
  • Coaching and support
  • Unlimited access to training schedule

option 2:

2 registration payments of $98.50 ($197 total)

June 15th - $98.50

June 29th- $98.50

  • 4 weeks of training at the Vibe Fitness
  • InBody analysis
  • Opportunity to win prizes!
  • Challenge prep guide
  • Healthy recipe book
  • Daily tracking sheet
  • Nutritional resources
  • Facebook group
  • Coaching and support
  • Unlimited access to training schedule

registration is completed over the phone or in person with our staff team! We will follow up with you within 24 hours after you've claimed your spot in the challenge.

Click on the registration button below!

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